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“Act 4 You” is the brainchild of film-maker Harrell D. Williams, Sr. As a film-maker, Harrell continues to encounter very talented actors/actresses who do not have a demo reel to showcase their talent. For this reason, Harrell started this web site. Over the years, Harrell has worked with many talented film-makers and “talent” within the Austin film community.


Harrell is also the Owner of "Heads-N-Crown Enterprises", "Flo-Rho-Lu-Ma Films", "Sound Ground Productions", "Black Film Group" and "U.S. Black Connections", all created as a result of his efforts to help others achieve their dreams.  As an African American, Harrell has a particular interest in helping to uplift his race.  Harrell's belief is, if more opportunities are available within the African American community, then America as a whole will benefit in a more diverse and harmonious, peaceful way. 


This site is designed to help any/all actors and actresses to produce a demo reel to showcase your talent.  Please contact us for more details. We have all the tools ready to assist with your goals.


Harrell D. Williams, Sr.